Friday, May 16, 2008

My Motto of the Day - Be Better, Not Bitter...

So...can I just say that today was an absolute disaster, a totally crummy day and in fact, one that I wish I would have just stayed in bed and slept through? Well, I just said it, so there. BUT...that is how I felt hours ago and then I came to a realization on the way home today that I needed to refocus my negative energy built up from said crappy day and use it in a more productive manner. What exactly that consisted of...I'm not quite sure, but I did decide that rather than be bitter, I would be better....a better person...a better person because I was going to release those negative feelings and begin my weekend the right way rather than allow them to overwhelm me and consume my every thought. I feel much better now, like a weight has been lifted and I am ever so glad that I gave myself a reality check.

I guess it's not just my motto, huh?!? :)

On a much lighter note, I stopped at a QT convenience store on the way home as well and decided that if I ever have the urge to people watch, then QT should definitely be on the top of my list. I never realized how many interesting characters you can see at such a common place...partially because I rarely go there, but also I think I paid more attention to everyone and everything I saw because I was trying to change my mood and was pleasantly surprised by how many chuckles I got from just watching some of the people coming and going on their way. I won't go into major detail as it would just be a little too horrific for me to do so, plus I'm afraid that I will just sound insensitive and just downright hateful, but truly, check it out for yourself sometime and you will know what I mean. ;)

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