Monday, May 26, 2008

In Honor of Memorial Day...

I saw the most touching story this evening about a Vietnam veteran who is using his amazing talent as an artist to help families honor and remember their loved ones lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. The name of his project is the Fallen Hero Portrait Project and you can read Michael Reagan's story and see the video coverage HERE about how he is honoring fallen soldiers and bringing them home to their families. Michael also has a WEBSITE dedicated to his project as well and you can visit the site to see a gallery of the portraits he has created, read letters from family members and even make donations to help fund this project as well. I was absolutely blown away and incredibly moved after looking at his portrait gallery and from reading some of the heartfelt letters from the fallen soldiers families. It is absolutely amazing the amount of love and hard work he puts into each portrait and the way receiving such a precious gift has affected these families lives.

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