Monday, May 19, 2008

Garage Makeover

Finally, David made some time this weekend to clean, organize and revitalize our dirty, dingy, cluttered and downright skeery garage! While I was out yesterday, Hudson went to spend the day at his Nana's house and David took advantage of us both being gone and decided to start this huge project. He took everything out of the garage, power washed the floor, cleaned all of the walls and baseboards, repaired holes in the walls, etc. and then repainted all of the baseboards and painted the walls a lovely light taupe tone. Hudson ended up spending the night with Marcia, so David was able to work on it into the wee hours of the night last night and it definitely paid off because it looks a hundred times better for sure! He hasn't been able to move everything back in yet, but is planning on throwing away a ton of the junk and will also be looking for a new workbench, shelving, etc. in order to be more organized in the future. I will try to post pictures later, but believe me, it is SUCH an improvement! He did a great job and only worked on it most of yesterday and part of today...go David!

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