Friday, May 9, 2008


These two new side tables that I so luckily found earlier this week. I went to a sale at a locally based home decor distributor a couple of days ago and found these fabulous copper topped side tables that I absolutely fell in love with as soon as I saw them! I don't necessarily have a home for them right now, but I thought that they would be quite perfect to be used eventually as outdoor accent tables when we finally move and hopefully, have a large covered patio area. The best part is that they were such a GOOD deal and I only paid a fraction of the wholesale cost not to mention the retail cost for these two tables! For that reason alone I was able to justify buying them even though I don't have a true home for them yet, plus I just love the slightly rustic, slightly modern, yet also elegant and refined look of the iron bases combined with the patina copper tops and I truly just couldn't resist. For now, we are actually going to use one of them in our living room loft area as a side table and the other one will just be stored away until later.

Full of lovely character, this Classic Copper End Table will create a cozy and relaxing ambiance to your living room. Finished in dark chocolate brown and blend of coppery hues, the end table has a sturdy posture because of its metal frame and modern appeal emitted from the copper top. The end table reveals a hint of swanky finesse evoked by the gracefully formed base that connects the three legs. Set your favorite drink on the table and take advantage of the added benefit of functionality that the Classic Copper End Table offers.


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amanda said...

oh i love them!!!!!