Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spot On

I cannot believe it, but my horoscope today is so completely spot on that it is almost scary...a leap of faith may soon be in order.

"Mystery humbles you. You remain curious, though. Work through the puzzle on a few levels at once. Your heart and gut are in the right place."

Keywords: Sensitivity, inspirational

Mood: Yearning

Faith - a poem by Rachel Fogle

Faith is a strength that is so rare, That it's precious when you've got it. Faith is more than most can see for it guides you and will always be beside you. Faith is a dream that can come true, if you believe and wish upon it. Faith is a spirit that seals your soul and keeps you healhly and honest. Faith cannot be given or taken away. For it comes to those who deserve and know. That it's there to those who are gifted enough to see it.

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