Sunday, May 18, 2008

Girls Day & Night Out!

Yesterday I spent the entire day with my close friend Claudia, our good friend Renee and Claudia's younger sister Maria doing wedding related errands. The day started with a lovely, and incredibly yummy I might add, lunch at Italian Cafe in Las Colinas. We had initially planned on going to Blue Fish, but when I arrived to meet Claudia, Renee and Maria, I realized that they apparently were not open on Saturdays for lunch service. I was on the phone with the girls as I arrived so I let them know the bad news and we dediced at that time to go to Via Real instead since Blue Fish was not open. Well, minutes later we all arrived at our new lunchtime destination only to find out that Via Real was also closed on Saturdays for lunch service. WTH!?!?!?! Since when did no one in Las Colinas need to eat lunch on Saturdays?!?!? After these two lovely detours, we then decided to head on over to the Italian Cafe over on the canal. We were all in agreement that we definitely needed to have a nice lunch before we headed out to take care of the wedding related business for the day and were at this point determined to find a decent place to dine! Seriously, I had never been to Italian Cafe before, but the food is great, it is very inexpensive and goodness, they give you enormous portions! Renee happened to order the Artichoke Salad and a side of soup and when she received it she about died because it was a very LARGE salad along with a GIGANTIC bowl of soup!! She truly thought it was going to be a side salad and a CUP of soup, NOT a freaking TUREEN of soup, ha! In any case, we had a great lunch and a much needed laugh to start the day!

Next we headed to our first official wedding appointment at Bludoor Studios to discuss Claudia's wedding photography needs. We met with Edward Ramirez, who was very nice and extremely laid-back and personable, but was still incredibly knowledgable and professional throughout the consultation. The appointment went very well and Claudia really loved their work and the fact that it looked more contemporary and artistic rather than posed and cheesy. They are definitely an option that she is very interested in right now. We just hope we didn't frighten Edward with our four person entourage and any of the random questions that we might have asked, ha!

After our appointment at Bludoor we headed to the Galleria so that miss Claudia could have her engagement ring cleaned at Tiffany. She decided that while we were there that she would go ahead and puruse their wedding bands as well so that she could let Joe, her fiance, know which one or two most caught her eye. She ended up trying on several rings and found two that she loved, which we all gave our seal of approval on as well. On a different note, I know I just blogged about people watching at QT on Friday, but now I know another GREAT place to people watch for sure....Tiffany of all places! Wow! There truly were some interesting characters there and I would have never thought that it would have been such a goldmine for people watching. You would have had to been there to understand, but I promise, it was very interesting to say the least!

After our adventure at Tiffany, we headed towards David's Bridal over on Arapaho so that Renee could order her bridesmaid gown, but alas, we ran into another detour...David's Bridal was no longer there!!! This was obviously a complete surprise to everyone since Claudia had gotten the location information directly off of their website, but she had also brought along another location's address information so all was not lost. We finally arrived at the location off of Preston near 635 and Renee was able to get fitted and successfully order her gown. It is absolutely gorgeous by the way.....very elegant and classy!

After our long afternoon of running errands, we headed back to the LC and hung out a bit at Claudia's hotel room before heading out for dinner at Blue Fish.....come on, you didn't honestly think we were going to give up on our urge for a tasty Ahi Tower did you??? Yes, my beloved Ahi Tower that I have been craving for almost two years now! YES, you heard me right...TWO YEARS! I hadn't been to Blue Fish since before I was pregnant and had been craving it FOREVER, but David doesn't care for it, so I never get to go. Of course, the food was fab, we had a few drinks and chatted some more over dinner before leaving to spend the rest of the evening at one of our old stomping grounds.....Spirit Grille. :)

What is an Ahi Tower you ask??? It basically consists of tuna tartare in sesame oil layered on snow crab, avocado salad and sushi rice, drizzled with creamy wasabi sauce.

We ended up staying at Spirit Grille for the rest of the evening and had a ton of fun talking, laughing, drinking lots of Michelob Ultra and even saw a few familiar faces while we were there. Here are just a few pics from the end of the evening. :) Tomorrow morning it all starts again with two back to back cake tastings starting at 10:00 a.m. followed by a slew of other appointments throughout the day. So, I guess I will be having cake for breakfast tomorrow, ha!

Me and Claudia
Renee and Claudia
Maria and Claudia
Renee, Claudia and yours truly
Renee giving a peace-out
Oh, some random crew of misfits....I totally forgot to mention it was poker night at Spirit Grille, which also made the evening very interesting as well, ha!

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