Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Happy Mother's Day Wish from Jaret Reddick...

Soooo....David, Hudson, Marcia and myself went to dinner tonight at Luna de Noche in Victory Park for a little pre-Mother's Day celebration and had a wonderful dinner, some yummy mango margaritas and a lot of fun! The food was fantastic and of course, Hudson hammed it up big time throughout the entire dinner. David was even very impressed with the food and while I had been to Luna before, he had not and well, you know how he is about new restaurants so I was absolutely thrilled that he enjoyed it so much and now I get to add another restaurant to our rotation. :) Well, just minutes after we were seated I noticed the two couples sitting right beside us and realized that one of them was Jaret Reddick, the lead singer from Bowling for Soup. I whispered to David who I thought he was and David was like "Are you sure?" and I replied with a "I'm pretty positive, but I'll tell you for sure later." I thought it was him, but figured I'd know by the end of the evening or if nothing else, I'd confirm my suspicions once we got home from dinner. Well, since Hudson always attracts so much attention anytime we go anywhere it was only natural that he caught this group's attention and the next thing I know, they are all talking to Hudson, playing, laughing and goofing off! It was very cool and they were all incredibly nice. He was there with his wife and another couple and they asked about how old Hudson was and mentioned that they had two kids as well. When they got up to leave they told us bye and Hudson was shouting out "Bye, bye" and waving his hands up in the air at them. Jaret even said "Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!" I'm telling you, it was very cool and completely unexpected. I was pleasantly surprised that he was SO nice and friendly in person. It was a very refreshing experience to say the least. I had planned on taking some pictures at dinner, but decided against it as I did not want him to think that I was taking pictures of him and definitely did not want to infringe on his evening out. Although, it would have been pretty cool to have gotten a picture of him with Hudson!

As we were leaving Luna de Noche, right when we walked out the door, another couple was sitting on the patio and the woman automatically shouted "Look at how adorable he is!" Well, she was referring to Hudson and of course, we stopped to chat a bit before heading out. The couple was very nice as well and had the most beautiful Bullmastiff that Hudson noticed right away and when straight for him! He was not intimidated by his massive size and went right up and started petting him. It was too cute and the dog was so well behaved and sweet to Hudson. After chatting for a few minutes, we said goodbye and headed on our way...but, before making it too far, the valet at the front door made the funniest comment about how Hudson made him look like a big ole' wimp because he was afraid of the dog and that Hudson went right up to him with no fear. It was so funny! We saw numerous adorable dogs down in the VP area, but this dog was by far the most beautiful and definitely full of character, just like Hudson!

After leaving the restaurant, we decided to go down to the AA Plaza and watch a bit of the Stars game on the jumbotron before heading back to the house. The Stars were down 2-1, but there was definitely a good crowd there to support the team, although we didn't stay long because it was just too hot and humid for us. I did take a few pictures there though and then we went ahead and headed back home for the evening. Overall, it was a great night and we all had a lot of fun! It definitely didn't turn out anything like I had expected, that's for sure!

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