Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lindsay's Graduation

Here are some pics from Lindsay's graduation ceremony last night.....they aren't that great because the lighting in the auditorium was horrible, but in any case, we had a wonderful time and were all just glad that we were able to play part in Lindsay's special day!! Congrats again!!

DJ, my mom, LaTisha and Hudson
Lindsay walking to the stage
Walking across the stage....
Excited to graduate!
Getting her diploma....

More handshakes....

Happy as can be!!!
This was during the school song

Lindsay and her granny
Lindsay and her dad, Mark
A family pic....Mark, Lindsay and Debbie
Lindsay and my mom, grandma Charlotte to her
(yes, for those of you that don't know, my mother and I share the same name!)
Lindsay and DJ
Lindsay and Karen

Me and Lindsay
Joe and DJ
Lindsay and Debbie arguing about something, ha!
Shelby acting usual....:)
Hanging out after the ceremony
Shelby and her friend, Charity
Shelby and Charity
LaTisha and Hudson
Hudson and his new girlfriend, ha!!!!
Apparently, Hudson and Miss Payton were getting along really well!
She kept giving kiss after kiss after kiss....
After kiss.....
I'm not sure who she was, but they sure did like each other, ha!!!

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