Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Night Family Fun - Part One

After a long, busy, hectic weekend, we had a nice evening spending time together as a family....this quality time is SO important and I love when we get to just slow down and enjoy each others company. We invited Marcia over for dinner, watched the closing ceremony for the Olympics, drank some wine, watched some cartoons and then had some acrobatic fun if you will. As I mentioned previously, Hudson has become innately fond of jumping on our bed and especially likes playing this game with David where David counts to three and tosses him onto the bed....Hudson LOVES it and in fact, kept grabbing Marcia's hand earlier in the evening trying to get her to come and play. I had to explain to her that he wanted to play on the bed, but she had NO CLUE what exactly that meant until later in the evening when Hudson insisted that his daddy go and play with him in our room. Please be forewarned...these boys are trained professional and do all of their own stunts so we do not recommend trying this at home, ha!!! (pardon our mess, the bedroom needs to be cleaned right now and David tucked up the curtains to vacuum and steam clean the carpet this morning)

Believe me, I about had a heart attack the first time I saw them doing this! I know that they are just having fun and really are being pretty safe and careful about it, but I still get worried, I'm a mom - that's what I do. :) When David was jumping on the bed himself tonight, one time it almost sounded like the darn bed frame cracked, lol! I told him he was going to be in big trouble if he broke our bed.....he said I should be glad that I don't see all the stuff they do when I'm at I am worried! I hope that Hudson doesn't turn out to be the next Johnny Knoxville or Bam Margera! That is just a TAD bit frightening to say the least!

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April said...

I think its a Daddy trait to throw their sons around! I don't even go into the bedroom anymore when I know what their doing playing on the bed! whenever I play with Mason on the bed, he just ends up wanting to cuddle! lol I guess that's what Mom is good for! :-)