Sunday, August 3, 2008

Claudia's Bridal Shower

Yesterday I went to Claudia's bridal shower and had a fabulous time! I was so excited to spend time with Claudia as well as hang out with some of my other good friends, Renee, Savanah and Tovah. Renee hosted the shower at her mom and dad's gorgeous home and everything was just absolutely perfect! Renee and her mom really did an awesome job with everything...the food was delicious, the decorations were super cute and the cake and champagne completed it all perfectly! A fun time was had by all and many laughs were shared during the celebration for Claudia and her fiance, Joe's, upcoming wedding.

Lots of gorgeous gifts
The lady of honor :)
Claudia's sister, Maria and some other family and friends
Claudia and Renee chatting in the kitchen
More family and friends
LOVE Pottery Barn's gift packaging...very classic and chic.
OMG! They got a Wii!!! No, they didn't register for it, but Joe's mother, Mary, bought it for them because she knew Joe wanted one.

Gorgeous glass pillar candlesticks
Pretty pink and chocolate gift wrapping - this was Renee's gift which Claudia decided to give this gift the honor of being responsible of their first born by intentionally cutting the ribbon, ha! She's so funny!

Claudia opening the card and gift from her sister, Maria
She started tearing up, sweet!
Joe's mother also gave them a set of stunning Waterford crystal flutes with their initials engraved in them....these will be so special for their first toast!
Claudia with her super cute pink and chocolate brown cake!
Cake and champagne for everyone!
The food display was so pretty and girly! I love this setup that Renee put together and the food was absolutely divine!

A shot of Claudia with her and Joe's family that was at the shower.
We had a great time! I can't wait for the wedding!