Sunday, August 17, 2008

Busy Sunday....

It's been a long and busy morning already....Hudson was up bright and early, but I tried to sleep in a little since we were up really late last night and I anticipate being up late for the next several nights as well. Hudson has definitely kept me busy this morning though.
First he threw a fit wanting chocolate pudding for breakfast, so I gave in and let him have it, but he also had a whole banana and part of my bacon sandwich, ha! Next he decided to use his bubble mower on our couch and even though we took the bubble solution out of it a while back, it still leaked all over our couch so I had to scrub the cushions and it still hasn't all come up yet. Then he was just being rowdy and playing with the fireplace tools and almost knocked one of our lamps over. Then he hid behind the couch on the patio when we took Bailey out and he wouldn't come out so I had to fight with him to get him to come inside....oy veh! David has to work the next four nights, so we'll be husband-less and daddy-less until Thursday, which is no bueno. :(

Hudson and I are going to Sarah's baby shower here in a bit and are going to try to make it back to the house by 4:30 or so, so that we have a little bit of time to spend with David before he has to leave for work. Of course, I have a ton of projects to work on this evening including several new orders, some revisions and ordering supplies for Claudia's invitations as it will definitely be a long evening....I'm ready for a lazy Sunday.....anyone know where I can find one???? :P

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