Thursday, August 21, 2008

Furniture Find Update.....

Well, the good news is my lovely leather storage bench arrived today and it is definitely the perfect piece for what I was wanting and is very sturdy and substantial without looking too large, but the bad news is that they sent the wrong color. :(

I had ordered the dark espresso brown one and they actually sent me the black leather bench....I KNEW it was wrong the moment we pulled the box in the front door because it said black leather on the outside of the box, but I tried to be positive and crossed my fingers *hoping* it would actually be the right color when we opened it, but no such luck. I was automatically going through the paperwork to find the return policies since it was obviously not what I had ordered, but then we decided to go ahead and see what it looked like in the space first just to make sure that we even liked the piece. Well, it looks great! I even think we are going to keep the black one because it adds a different dimension to the room. All of our furniture is already in brown tones, so I thought that the espresso would be best, but now seeing the black in the room makes me think that it might have been *too much* brown....we have black accents in some iron pieces, our lamps, etc. so now we are thinking that the black might actually be a better fit! I'll post a picture later and see if I can get any feedback. :)

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