Friday, August 1, 2008

I am so excited!!!

Ever since we got married nearly four years ago, wow - I can't believe it's almost been FOUR years already!, anyways, ever since we got married I have been dying to purchase more of our china in order to hopefully, one day have a nice set of china to use on special occasions and then to pass down in our family. Basically, we only received 2 place settings of our pattern for wedding gifts, which was fine because truly, the pattern was pricey and we did end up receiving the majority of everything else on our registry, but let's face it....I REALLY wanted our pretty china and have been on the lookout for good deals on the pattern ever since. Well, much to my disappointment, Waterford discontinued our pattern earlier this year and I was heartbroken to say the least. I thought, I will never complete our china collection now since the pattern has been retired. I thought that I would be able to use this to our benefit and score by finding the pattern for a deeply discounted rate since it had been discontinued, but no such seemed that everywhere that was discounting the line had already sold out. :(

Even still, I continued to search for it here and there trying to at least find some more place settings if nothing else...I mean, what am I going to do with TWO place settings and ONE rimmed soup bowl...I guess David and I could have a romantic dinner and share a bowl, lol, but that's about it! So, I got lucky a couple of months ago and found my place settings at a site online that had then for about 30% less than the normal cost and went ahead and strategically made the decision to just purchase two more sets at the time as I was going to order two-four sets at a time over a couple of months in order to gradually assemble 12 full place settings. I ordered the two sets and received them and was delighted with my find, but kind of forgot about my master plan of buying a few sets at a time until, fast forward to this week, I happen to browse the site that I originally purchased these last two sets from and much to my surprise, I was thrilled to find that they had yet again discounted the pattern even further. I'm talking like a 60%, what do I do??? I decide to go ahead and order the remaining place settings I need in order to have 12 total or at least that's what I had planned to do,, no...not going to happen, I went to place the order online and they only had TWO place settings in stock. Okay, I thought, I'm fine with that and I went ahead and ordered the last two on their site....I then decided to go ahead and order the rest of the dinner and salad plates ala carte in order to equal 12 place settings...but again....nope, nada...not going to happen....they only had TWO dinner plates and TWO salad plates left in, I went ahead and ordered those as well along with eleven rimmed soup bowls so that I would have twelve of those! :) On one hand, I am totally bummed that I wasn't able to order all of it in one big bang, but at the same time, I am still SUPER excited that I was able to order what I did and cannot wait to receive it. Now, I am on a serious mission to get the remaining place settings and missing pieces and will be investing in a piece or several pieces every month or two until I complete my collection.

Here is my is the Waterford Lismore Platinum Collection and I just LOVE it! It is a white china with a tone-on-tone pattern and platinum banding accents. The accent plate is gorgeous and the pattern is in the platinum tone on it instead of tone on tone...I do not have any of the accent plates, but will definitely have to include them in my search!! :)


Amanda Hopper said...

So pretty!

Tara said...

Have you checked ebay? I had the same problem after we got married 6years ago. It took me about 5 months, but I was able to get a full 16 full sets just be using ebay.

; )

Karen said...

Hey Chuckie, you should check this out:

They have an enormous inventory of all kinds of china & looked to have quite a bit of your pattern.

Luv Ya !

Your "All-Knowing" Sis =P