Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brainstorming Session

Well, my brainstorming session tonight with Claudia and Renee went very well and we were able to make a ton of decisions regarding all of the elements for her invitation designs, now we just need to get paper samples and get started! :) We had some wine while we perused countless options for invitations, pocketfolds, paper and envelopes online and also discussed some great ideas for her programs, menus and favor labels among other things. I am super excited to be able to create all of these elements for her special day and know that everything will turn out awesome! Between all of this and all of the other projects I have on my plate right now I will be quite the busy bee this next month....oh, and David's going to love me especially when he is being my designated "cutter" and cutting hundreds of pocketfold inserts, ha! Gotta love having a hubby to help when some major manpower is needed, hahahaha!!! Anywho....I'm off to bed because I have a long day and weekend ahead of me.

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