Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Comfy Spot to Relax

We finally found a piece of furniture that we both liked and that was small enough for our patio this past weekend and I just LOVE it! I am so glad that we were finally able to find something as I was going mad not having anywhere to sit when we would go out to enjoy the cooler evenings or to let Hudson run around the yard. We were basically just popping a squat on the hard concrete, which you can imagine is not the most comfortable seating option! We previously had a wooden bench on our patio, but we have had it for like over 6 years or something and it was slowly deteriorating day by day. I knew that sooner or later it would finally bite the dust and of course, it finally did just a couple of weeks ago. That poor bench would barely even stand up anymore and if you sat on it, it would sway from side to side, ha! In any case, we really want a nice large conversation styled seating collection, but our porch is quite tiny right now and we didn't see the need to purchase something that we wouldn't be able to use all of it until we eventually move into another house, so we decided to try to find something that would work now for our current patio space. This past Sunday when we were out running errands and such I stumbled across the cutest love seat at Target and just knew I had to have it the moment I saw it! Even better, it was on clearance! Oh, praise the patio gods as I thought we would never find anything we liked that would work. Anyways, it has one of those all-weather wicker frames in a dark chocolate almost even black tone and has awesome damask patterned cushions in warm earthy tones that I love and it is also really comfortable as well which of course is it's most important trait. It fits perfectly on our patio and now we just need to scotch guard all of the cushions to help further protect them from the natural elements. Here are some pics....
Our new patio love seat

Warm autumn toned damask fabric

Accenting persimmon and cinnamon toned fabric

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