Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Knick-Knack Paddywack.....

Charlotte bought herself a brand new Mac!!! Yes, oh yes, I finally did it a few weeks ago and having been dying to post about my new love, but the office has been a madhouse lately because I have just been so incredibly busy! David was a total dear and actually cleaned it up for me and so I finally got to take a couple of pics of my modest work space. It is very plain and blah for now, but give me a little time and hopefully, I can add some artwork on the walls, office accessories, etc. and have a cute little studio of sorts. Anyways, I LOVE my Mac and actually decided on the big-ole mama-jama 24" desktop and am SO glad I went with the larger size! I haven't been able to actually use it much yet as I am still slowly moving all of my design files, graphics, Photoshop presets, fonts, etc. over from my laptop, but I am hoping to have everything switched within the next couple of weeks! Next, I need to get a bookshelf and some other accessories for the space just to help organize everything, but what I've got going on at the moment works okay for the time being. In any case, this is one bad-a@# machine and I am so, so, so very glad that I made the investment. Oh, and one of my favorite things on the Mac that is a lot of fun is the PhotoBooth...check it out if you've never seen's a riot!

My new favorite gadget!

Another view of desk area #1


Angela said...

Oh I sooooo love the mac. I am in computer envy. That is on the list for me 'soon' too.

MacTrader said...

You'll find that the design and graphics capabilities are excellent with Leopard. The system is so much faster as well. Congrats on your purchase!