Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up!!

We had a very busy weekend as usual, but had a lot of fun too! After busy weekends like this, I sometimes feel like it's never going to slow down! Busy Bee should definitely be my new nickname these days! In any case, Friday night we didn't do much, just hung out at the house and after dinner and getting Hudson to bed David just watched TV for a while and I did some design work. We ended up staying up WAY too late and I had a hard time dragging my butt out of bed Saturday morning.

Once we all finally decided to get up Saturday morning, David was a total super-hubby and made all of us french toast for breakfast, which was super yummy if I may say so myself! After breakfast I decided to go ahead and go get a manicure and pedicure so that I could have some pretty fingers and toes! It had been quite a while since my last treatment, so I truly enjoyed every minute of it...not like I don't always, but I was in absolute bliss just relaxing for that hour and a half or so and just let my stress and worries float right away. Alas, I was finished at the nail salon and had to go back to reality. :) I headed home and we did some stuff around the house, David mainly cleaned and then I went back to working on design orders for a few hours. All the while stopping every so often to play with Hudson and watching some of his movies with him. We had plans to go to dinner Saturday night with Marcia (David's mom) so we both wrapped things up around 4:30 or so in order to get ready for dinner. We headed out shortly after 5:30 and went to Taverna to have dinner and celebrate Marcia's birthday that was earlier in the week. We didn't really think about it ahead of time, but Taverna isn't really the most kid-friendly restaurant in town and once we parked in the parking lot I kind of almost went into a panic because I was worried that they wouldn't even have a high chair for Hudson! I mean, I've never been to a restaurant that hasn't and I think that they have to provide something, but hey, I'm no expert and I definitely could be wrong on that....in any case, we went in the restaurant and the wait was not too long actually. We decided to sit at the bar while we waited and sure enough, within a few minutes of us sitting there Hudson started to act up. He didn't want to be held, he didn't want to be still and certainly couldn't handle sitting in the chair himself! We kept trying to tell him to be a big boy and sit in the chair, but no, he wanted to get down and walk around..talk to the people sitting beside us in the lounge type seating area and even offered them his Hot Wheels, ha! David decided to take Hudson outside for a walk to see if it would calm him down and wouldn't you know it that right after he walked out they came to tell us our table was ready. Marcia and I headed towards our table and were absolutely relieved to see out waiter headed towards the table with....drumroll......a highchair!!! That was fabulous, no longer did I have to worry about whether or not we would even be able to eat dinner because one of us would have had to hold Hudson the whole time, but now those worries were gone and I thought that the night was looking up after all! We weren't even able to sit down and David and Hudson walked in the front door and came to the table as well...awesome! I was afraid I was going to have to go hunt them down, but no, the hostess went and found them when they seated Marcia and myself. So, we order appetizers and our entrees and get started with dinner. Gradually, Hudson starts getting VERY cranky and does not want to behave...this isn't good as he is being loud, throwing his cars, trying to crawl out of the highchair, etc. He even gets so rowdy that he knocks a whole glass of ice water onto the table and all over poor Marcia! He didn't mean to do it, but he was not behaving at all or it would not have happened...so at this point David decides to take him outside again. Marcia and I continued to eat, but after only a couple of minutes I felt guilty and went to check on David and Hudson. I finally found them in the parking lot and we went back in to finish dinner. Hudson was calm for a only a nano-second once we got back inside and then Marcia decided to take him outside. Argh! This is her birthday dinner and it was all going kapoot! David and I decided to scarf a little food down and ask our waiter to box everything else up and for our bill. We paid and left quickly as to not leave poor Marcia in the parking lot with her monster grandson for too long, lol! So, basically dinner was a bit of a disaster, but all wasn't completely lost....at least we kind of got to eat and the food was good. :)

After dinner we decided to go to Marble Slab and have some ice cream, can you say YUM?!?!?! I had my usual, a Tipsy Sailor and David decided that he would try the same as well. This was the best part of the evening because we all just sat there, full as ever --- how in the heck we were even eating ice cream is beyond me...and we all just laughed about everything that had happened earlier in the evening. Hudson LOVED the ice cream, as usual, and I got a couple of cute shots with ice cream dripping down his chin! hahaha! Once we finished our cones we went back to the house and watched TV for a little bit before Marcia headed home.

We went to bed fairly quickly after we got home as I knew I had a lot of work to do on Sunday and wanted to be able to get up early or at least at a reasonable time. On Sunday, David did some yard work and I mostly hung out with Hudson and also did more design work. I actually was able to get a lot done that day which is good since my evenings have been getting later and later and busier and busier between Hudson, normal routine stuff and all of the design orders. In any case, Sunday was definitely the slowest day even though we did a lot of stuff around the house as far as cleaning up, yard work, dishes, laundry, etc. Then it was back to work for both of us on Monday and we have pretty much been non-stop ever since!

This next weekend will likely be extremely busy as well as I already have an on-going list in my head of things / errands we need to do and we also have a get together on Sunday morning as well. Hopefully, we will find some time to relax and maybe even sneak a little catnap in there somewhere, hahaha! That would definitely be a luxury for me. :)

These would be pictures of Hudson "acting" well-behaved at dinner...actually, I think this is when he was being pretty good, before his monster qualities took over. I would have taken more pictures at dinner, but obviously after hearing the lowdown you can understand and appreciate why I didn't, lol!
Want some ice cream??
Sure, Dad. I would love some. :)
Yeah, I think he could have used a napkin, huh?
Look at him stylin' in his polo with skull and bones all over it paired with the awesome plaid shorts...he looked totally retro, preppy punk or something, ha!


Meg said...

What is this tipsy sailor you speak of? I am always looking for cool things to order there!
That's exactly how many of our dinners out go- everyone taking turns walking Coleman around outside. Sometimes going out to eat is more stressful than just staying home and cooking!

Angela said...

Awww...it does get easier! I need to get in for the mani/pedi treatment when Jason gets back! My cuticles are terrible!Oh, I'm having a contest on my blog if you're interested!

House of Brodt said...

Meg - a Tipsy Sailor is amaretto ice cream with chocolate chips and almond slivers....SO, SO, SO YUMMY! It is seriously one of my favorite ice creams evah'!! That and David's homemade coconut cherry chocolate chip, yum! You so have to try the Tipsy Sailor sometime!