Monday, July 7, 2008

An Impromptu Temper-Tantrum!

It amazes me how quickly Hudson can go from camera hog, totally hamming it up to having a complete and utter meltdown. I was taking some pictures of him last week, just playing around and things turned ugly really fast, lol! Seriously, he is posing for me one second and the next he is screaming and crying and then came at me like I was the paparazzi, hahaha! What a character!
Look at these classic poses...very cute, but on the other hand, it kind of reminds me of an old-school Olan Mills photo shoot, yuck!
Okay...the silly screaming shot and then the "huh??" shot....things are starting to get interesting.
Starting to act really silly

Meltdown time...not sure what triggered this!
Seriously, he is giving me the evil eye BIG TIME!!
Now he is coming right at me trying to knock my camera to the ground, a seriously scary moment as a mamarazzi!!! :)

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Angela said...

Don't feel moms bring that out in our children. Just wait until he's a pre-teen and it's the first picture bringing out that reaction! LOL