Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hudson Did It

More things Hudson has done this week...
  1. Learned how to get in and out of his booster seat at the dining table on his own. (not necessarily a good thing)
  2. Slept in our bed the past THREE nights. (this would not be a good thing)
  3. Climbed up the stairs again on his own.
  4. Stayed still and laid in our bed watching cartoons the other night while I was able to take an uninterrupted bath. (this is unheard of for him, he typically follows me to the bathroom and then proceeds to splash the water in the tub the entire time!)
  5. Watched Cars probably half a dozen times already, lol!
  6. Decided that playing in the dirt was more fun than playing with his cars.
  7. Decided that throwing dirt in the air is even MORE fun than just playing in it in general, especially when you do it right after you have had a bath and you toss it up in the air and get it all in your hair!

That's about it, that I can think of right now anyways, but he seems to be doing new stuff all of the time so I am sure that things are just going to get even MORE eventful around here. Yikes!

1 comment:

April & Geoff said...

Hudson has been a very busy boy - making you a very busy mommy! He's growing up fast. What a doll!