Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our Fourth of July

We had a pretty low-key evening Friday night to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday. David actually had to work that day, so we decided that since he would be getting home later in the day that we would just go to dinner and then try to find a spot to view fireworks from afar somewhere. We ended up deciding to go to the Cheesecake Factory in Arlington which was super yummy! There was no crowd and we were able to enjoy a semi-quiet dinner with the exception of Hudson being his usual loud self, ha! He couldn't resist playing with his little matchbox type cars at the dinner table either, oy! Anyways, we had dinner and then headed towards Grand Prairie to see if we couldn't find a place near Lone Star Park to watch the fireworks since at this point it was almost 9 pm already and there was no point in trying to actually go to the park or anywhere else for that matter to watch the show. So, we found a nearby neighborhood and parked at the end of a residential road where several other people where also camped out to watch the show. It finally started shortly after 10 pm and we had a great view, but truly, we only watched for about 10 minutes or so and left because I was tired, David had a migraine and Hudson was tired, cranky and didn't want to be held or stay still. He was wanting to run around and play and it was just not a safe area for that so we decided to call it a night and head home. All in all, it was an okay fourth, just nothing too exciting....I would have rather been lounging by a lake or a pool somewhere with an ice cold cocktail. :)

Hudson at dinner playing with his cars
Hudson again and David being silly!
This boy seriously LOVES his joke!
Okay, this picture is horrid, but I tried over and over to get a decent shot and it just wouldn't work for me. This is an insanely huge stuffed animal hanging out of someone's trunk!!! I think they must have won it at Six Flags or something (we were RIGHT by Six Flags at the time) and I just thought it was one of the most random and funniest things!
The fireworks were great, my pictures...not so much. I do not have good firework picture taking skills. I didn't zoom in far enough and then I always caught them at the wrong time. I gave up because I was afraid the other people in the area thought I was nuts since I was the only one taking pictures of the fireworks, oh well!

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