Friday, July 11, 2008

Holy Jumping Trumpet Vine!!

We have a pair of trumpet vines in our backyard that have just exploded with new foliage and blooms over the past couple of is a bit out of control actually! They look awesome, but we definitely need to do a little maintenance trimming on them sometime soon. I hate all of the bzzzzzing bees and wasps that come along with having these, but I love the butterflies and hummingbirds that I occasionally get to see frolicking around the vines. There was actually a hummingbird fluttering around when I took these pics, but they are too quick and it escaped nearly as quickly as I saw it. Here are a few pics of the ginormous trumpet vines in all of their glory!
Pretty big, huh?
Closeup of the blooms

Look it's a bumblebee!
I would about die if this bugga stung me, ouch! I have a pretty big paranoia of bees actually.

Our Little Gem Magnolia tree. I love this tree and it actually had a ton of blooms on it just a couple of weeks ago. Magnolias are one of my favorites, but our yard is way too small for a traditional Magnolia tree, so we opted for this dwarf version.
Our new loveseat on our patio.

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Tara said...

LOVE the new loveseat. I'd really like to have one of those on our back patio. ; ) Have a great weekend!