Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Tricks

Hudson has really been throwing new tricks at us constantly this past week or so. First it was climbing out of his pack and play, then his crib, he has started climbing into the garden tub in our master bathroom, ha! He LOVES taking baths and now that he has learned this new skill we cannot keep him out of the tub. I mean, he did it for the first time yesterday morning and I swear that I had to take him out of the tub about 15 times yesterday! I guess it might be time for keeping that bathroom locked all the time too. It's really not such a big deal I guess, BUT he wants to turn on the water when he is in there which is obviously a no-no and a mess or dangerous situation just waiting to happen and he also wants to inspect and play with every one of my hair, bath and body products along with my razors and such! Definitely a BIG NO-NO! So, we are just going to keep reinforcing to him that the tub is NOT a play area and go from there. He is also getting very interested in trying to unlock the locks on our front and back doors...NOT a good thing at all. I mean, he was going after the deadbolt on the front door this morning and I told David that we probably needed to think about purchasing some other type of lock for the tops of the doors just to ensure that he will not be able to open them once he figures out the lower locks. He is just growing so fast and is so inquisitive about everything, which is only natural, but he is seriously getting into everything more than ever before!! Other than that, he also walked up the stairs yesterday, which I admit was kind of cool in a way. He normally crawls up the stairs unless we carry him, but no, one time when him and I were going up yesterday he decided to stand up and walk up each step on his own!!! He did hold onto the hand railing on the wall too, but I was just shocked that he even did it....I am sure that he will be running up and down the stairs in no time, OY! Do we have it cut out for us!!!! :)

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