Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun in the Park!!!

Today we met three of my friends from high school at a local park with all of our kiddos and hung out for the first time together in years!!! David, Hudson and myself met Tara and her daughter - Dakota, Jesse and her son - Ayden, and Kelly and her husband - Andy and their son - Caden. We had a great time hanging out and playing with the kids and then went out to lunch for some yummy mexican food. I hadn't seen Jesse since shortly after high school and she lives in Maine now, so I likely won't see her again for a while. :( We all were best buds in school and Kelly and I actually were roommates for about a year and a half right after we graduated from high school...good times, ha! To think back of all of the crazy things we've done together and how we basically all grew up together is pretty amazing...we were all pretty close all the way from junior high until after high school and of course, David and I have been together so long he knows all of them very well too. Kelly actually lived down the street from David when they were growing up, so they've known each other longer than I've even known Kelly! Tara and I have seen each other the most and actually usually get together every few months for a girls night I know we'll be going out again next month! :) We've all known each other for-evah and it wasn't difficult to just pick right back up where we left off! Anyways, it was an awesome day and hopefully, we won't wait as long next time to hang out.

Hudson in the train
Jesse and her precious little Ayden
David and Ayden
Ayden was such a cutie with the bluest eyes ever!
Jesse and Kelly
Tara, Dakota and Hudson
Andy and Caden
Kelly and Caden
David chasing Hudson, ha!
David and Kelly
Hudson and Caden playing ball
Hudson stole Caden's ball :(
Hudson insisted on having some of his daddy's Dr. Pepper and of course, David relented and let him have some....this boy does not need any caffeine!
Kelly and Tara
Tara and Ayden
Tara and Ayden
Dakota - such a cute little girl and way well-behaved too!
Jesse and Ayden
Dakota and Tara at lunch - Dakota was a little upset about something???
Kelly, Andy and Caden
Caden and Dakota playing with the maracas
The mariachi band was playing live and the kids LOVED it!
Caden was so cute and sweet - he has the brownest eyes and LONG eyelashes. Such a cutie!
Miss Dakota looking sassy!
Hudson listening to the mariachi band - oh yes, he boogied his little bootie off too and I have a video to prove it!!! I will post it later. :)
David being silly with Hudson
Group shots --- the guys stood out and took them for us.
Thanks David and Andy, ya'll are the best!

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