Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hudson Update...

Hudson is doing SO much better today and I am so happy and relieved...although, he actually sounded really bad this morning, but my mom said that after he took his nap this morning he started to sound much better as far as his breathing goes as well as how he sounds when he speaks. He was much,much more energetic and happy today and you can just tell that he feels a lot better. My mom also said that he was very well-behaved today and gave her tons of hugs and kisses and only a handful of temper tantrums, so that's definitely a good sign that he is starting to feel better. His voice still sounds pretty weird when he talks...because of the croup it makes his voice almost sound like Donald Duck, ha! I wish I could get him to sing Disco Duck, lol!

I think that the humidifier that we bought last night might have helped as well. We didn't actually have one, but Hudson's pediatrician recommended us using one in Hudson's room to help with his breathing and said that the cool air would aid in reducing the swelling in his throat, so we went ahead and picked one up after his appointment so that we could follow the doctor's orders. :)

Anyways, thank you to everyone for the well wishes and hopefully, he will be all well by Friday so we can go see some pretty fireworks! :)

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April & Geoff said...

Glad to hear Hudson's doing better!