Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hudson Did It....

So, here's a little breakdown of fun new things Hudson has done in the past few days....
(ummm....most of them aren't really fun actually...but I guess they are still interesting none-the-less)

  • Tried to eat rocks...of course he didn't, but for some reason he likes putting them in his mouth???
  • Attempted to lick water off of the patio, yuck!!!
  • Walked around the house with his hands down the back of his diaper...I truly don't know where this came from???
  • As a result of the last one, he walked around with plumber's crack showing, ha!
  • He acted like a fool during dinner Saturday night...but you already know that!
  • He's climbed into the bathtub countless times and turned the water on, thus getting himself soaked in just a matter of seconds.
  • Spilled juice anywhere and everywhere throughout the house - like the floors and the coffee I have been constantly following him around with a Windex bottle and paper towels! He's just very clumsy like that lately as well as purposely spitting water or juice out of his mouth and laughing because he thinks it is SOOOOO funny...well, obviously it is only funny to him. Hmph!
  • Oh and the best thing....last night when we took Bailey out in the back yard to do his business Hudson went over and was trying to mess with our grill and the knobs on the front of the grill and as usual we told him no and "hot" as we always do and he listened and quickly walked away. Well, fast forward to tonight and I call David on the way home from work to let him know I was on my way and as usual we chat a bit about our days and I asked how Hudson was today and he told me that he was very good, didn't get into too much around the house and behaved pretty well. I was thrilled to hear this, but then David said "Oh, you remember when Hudson was messing with the grill last night?" uh-oh, I thought to myself...then David said "Well, I went out there to grill some chicken tonight and apparently he turned one of the knobs when he was messing with it last night and all of the propane is gone..." Oh my goodness....I was so irritated because not only is that dangerous and I have no clue how he did that when literally he barely touched the thing before we chased him off, but seriously we had JUST bought a new propane tank over the weekend and had only used it one time! Argh! So, now we need propane and I guess we need to make sure that little sticky fingers / Evil Knievel stays away from the HOT grill!
  • This one is actually cute, no joke - his new favorite past time is going into our closet and laying on the floor in order to look at himself at a mirror that is propped up against the wall!! Hahahaha! This is so funny because he will just sit there and smile and laugh and stick his tongue is absolutely adorable! that I am thinking about it, maybe Hudson does need a little brother or sister to help keep him entertained???

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