Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Randomness 101

  • Yippee!!! I received confirmation this evening that my new leather storage bench has been SHIPPED! That was sweet music to this very unpatient woman's ears. :)
  • Just ordered the majority of the paper supplies for Miss Claudia's custom pocketfold invitations...SO excited! They are going to be GOR-GEOUS!
  • Annoyed with postal service workers...apparently they think it is acceptable to SHOVE an oversized box into our mailbox along with a pile of other mail to where we couldn't even get the box out! I had to literally tear the box open, remove the contents and then fight with the remains of the box to remove it, argh!
  • SCORE! Said box was filled with free full-sized makeup samples for MOI! Totally cool to get free stuff even though I had to fight with a mailbox to get it!
  • I am LOVING the cooler weather, but I am so NOT digging all of the rain.....we need the rain and I love lazy lounging around the house rainy days, but I am not getting to lounge around the house and be lazy so I do not like them Sam I Am! I loathe driving in the rain and that's the real problem if we're going to really put it out there....
  • Hudson is a total trip -- not only did he pull the toilet stunt last night at home, he did it at his grandma's today too, ha!!! He also climbed inside an oversized planter with a palm plant at grandma's as well and just sat on the side of the pot rubbing his tootsies in the freshly watered soil, yikes!!
  • I was overwhelmed with a million things to do tonight, including filing my sales taxes online and went ahead to do the webfiling and was delightly surprised that I was a complete moron and didn't need to do them yet, lol! I have gotten used to do monthly sales tax returns at work and forgot that I only have to do quarterly returns for Delovely....duh!
  • Apparently Hudson is just as big of a night owl as his momma because I have been having a hella time getting him to bed lately...seriously! He stayed up until almost 10 pm Saturday then went to bed, woke up at 11:30 pm and then didn't go back to bed until I went to bed at 1:30 am and of course, he ended up in our bed that night....at that point I didn't care where he slept as long as he was sleeping so that I could do the same. :) The past few nights has has refused to go to sleep until close to 10 pm and the weirdest thing about it is that he has been taking really short naps during the day, so in all honesty he should be completely worn out! Who knows....I think we have an overly active little boy on our hands.....

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