Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up.....

We made it through another long fun-filled weekend yet again! Friday night we didn't really do much, just stayed at home and I did some work while David watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics....he actually didn't watch for too long as I found him crashed out on the couch around 9 pm, ha! He had worked the night before and just started a new schedule rotation, so he was pretty exhausted to say the least after having Hudson all day long while I was at work.

Saturday I got up early with Hudson, made him breakfast and watched Noggin until David got up. We went ahead and went out to run some errands, just the normal Target trip, Costco trip and I also had to go by the bank and go ship an order at Fed Ex. After we finished our errands we had something to eat at Taco Bell, yeah, gourmet lunch I know....then we headed back to the house for a bit. I did some more work and then gave David a haircut because his hair was getting long and I had already promised him last weekend that I would do it this weekend even though I really didn't feel like it. We had plans to go to a family birthday party in Colleyville Saturday evening, so we went to pick up Marcia around 5 pm and headed on our way to the party. The party was great and everyone seemed to really have a fun time. We got to see a lot of family and friends that we hadn't seen in years - Pat and Jack, Valerie and Rod....and we also got to see some family that we hadn't really seen since last Christmas, David's Papa and Dixie, George Michael and Amanda, Jason and Candice and Tim and a ton of others as that was also really nice to be able to catch up a little and see everyone since it has been so long. Hudson had so much fun and was being a total flirt especially giving Candice extra hugs and kisses!! The place was packed and Hudson was out of control the entire time running around trying to get into everything and making sure that he was the center of attention, as usual! He had a lot of fun and truly, didn't stop the entire some point during the evening David and Marcia decided that Hudson would go spend the night at Marcia's and stay during the day on Sunday as well so that we could have some time to get some things done without the little man on Sunday, which actually worked quite well.

On Sunday, we slept in and then David did a little tidying around the house while I worked on design orders for the majority of the day. David was an awesome hubby and decided to clean out my car and made it all pretty too! He vacuumed the inside, cleaned the leather, wiped down all of the interior and even made it smell good too! Not that is was stinky before, but a nice clean car with smelly good stuff is always a plus in my book! In any case, he scored major brownie points with me for doing it and he did it on his own without me asking or anything which was even better! Then he went as far as to clean out his own truck and steam cleaned the upholstery and everything! I guess he was in a car cleaning mood or something. David went and finally picked up Hudson around 6 pm and let me tell you...that boy was absolutely POOPED by the time they got home! Hudson was asleep and did NOT want to get up so we just went ahead and put him down for the evening and he actually slept the entire night and did not get up until after 7 am this morning!!! He definitely had a full and eventful weekend and needed that sleep as much as we did! Now it's back to the daily grind until this next weekend, which will be busy again as well....not that it ever isn't!!! Here are a few pics from the party that we went to Saturday night, although the pics are pretty bad because the lighting and my camera were not cooperating with each other.....

Hudson in the crate with Sammie!!! He loved this little Shih Tzu and decided that he would like to hang out IN the cage with him!!! Sammie is named after Sammie Davis Jr. of all people! Too funny!
Hudson alone in the cage....he was being a little too rowdy with little Sammie!
George Mike asking Hudson about the dog toys that he was toting around, ha!
The gang - Candice, Jason, Tim, David
David and Hudson
David terrorizing our child!
Hudson and George Mike playing with Hudson's Hot Wheels!!
Clinging onto daddy for dear life...I think he was starting to get a little tired and cranky...
A little relaxed conversation...we were all getting tired and ready to call it a night at this point...
Marcia giving Hudson extra special Nana lovin'!

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April said...

I think i need to start writing down what we do on weekends- sad to say all i remember was going to bed early on Friday, working saturday and watching tv yesterday! THATS SAD! ha!
I'll play the mommy & preggo card! haha!