Saturday, April 19, 2008

Date Night

For the first time in quite a while, David and I were treated to an oh-so needed, and lest I not forget, greatly appreciated "date night" last night and I have to say that we really enjoyed our evening of relaxation as a refreshing break from our normal day-to-day routine. Marcia had graciously offered last weekend to have us bring Hudson over last night and have him spend the night with her and we decided that it would probably be wise to take her up on her offer so that we could have some alone time and go out for a nice dinner sans baby.

So, after I got home from work we dropped Hudson off at Marcia's and headed towards Dallas to go out to dinner. Now let me tell you, David is a total creature of habit when it comes to restaurants and NEVER wants to try anything new...he is always worried that he won't like the food and will be disappointed that he didn't go somewhere that he knows he likes. Well, I have been giving him a hard time about it for quite some time now and I guess that I finally broke him down because he finally decided last night that he would be willing to try a new place. Yippee!!! I was so excited because it seems as if everytime I get him close to trying out a new restaurant he decides to change his mind and back out at the last minute. In any case, we hadn't made any decisions about a restaurant prior to driving into Dallas, however I had been giving a few places some thought and decided to start trying to narrow down the decision by asking David what kind of food he wanted or wanted sounded good. Well, as you can imagine he didn't quite cooperate in telling me, but finally made a comment about how he would love to have some good pizza or just good italian food in general. Okay, so that definitely narrowed things down for me and I started making suggestions from my list of restaurants that I have been wanting to try with the assistance of my trusty little GPS....Fireside Pies, Coal Vines, Taverna, among others....I had heard amazing things about each and they were all on my virtual wish list of restaurants, but in the end we decided to try out Taverna in the Knox-Henderson area.

This place is incredibly busy, every table inside and out was completely full as was the bar area and the adjacent seating area as well. Indeed, it definitely did look as if it was a very popular choice for many couples out for a night alone and with the crowd that was there when we arrived we did have to wait about 45 minutes or so to be seated, but let me just say that it was so, so worth it! The restaurant is very small and quaint and is also very dim, cozy and romantic. It does get a bit loud inside, mostly because it is so small and there are so many tables within the limited space, but even the noise from the other guests dining did not distract from it's wonderful ambiance and charm. The service was wonderful and the food was absolutely amazing! They also have a nice wine selection if you are one to enjoy a nice glass of vino with your dinner. I tried the Livio Felluga “Esperto” Pinot Grigio which was simply divine! For our appetizer, we selected the Taverna Foccacia which basically consisted of a foccacia bread topped with arugula, pancetta, pine nuts, shaved parmesan cheese, red onions and mushrooms served with a balsamic vinagrette for dipping. This was absolutely delicious...I told David that we needed to make an attempt to create something similar at home because I liked it that much! It would be awesome as an appetizer for a family gathering or special ocassion of pretty much any was super yummy!

Before we could even barely make a dent into the appetizer, our entrees were served...typically, this is something that would slightly annoy me, but given the fact that this was our night alone and that everything had been so wonderful thus far I didn't let it bother me in the slightest. I actually quite enjoyed the fact that our entrees were served so quickly because I was truly famished and ready for more delicious food! Both of our entrees were absolutely fantastic and in the end, we were both equally impressed with Taverna - the food, the service, the atmosphere and the entire dining experience as whole. I was also completely escastic that David not only tried something new, but LOVED it! Here's to many new dining experiences ahead! :)

After dinner we just went home and relaxed and enjoyed the remainder of the evening followed by a night's worth of non-interrupted sleep....every parents dream! ;)

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