Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gorgeous New "Locks"

I am a "new woman", so to speak as I finally was able to get my hair completely redone yesterday and now I have a whole new look. I was getting really tired of the same old color that I have been sporting for almost three years now, so I decided to say "bye-bye" to the old dark, dark brunette locks and said "hello" to a new golden blonde coif that I absolutely LOVE!!! The self-proclaimed Queen of Hair (not really, it's totally an inside joke!), Michelle, from the Four Seasons Salon completely transformed my dull, drab old haircolor and stripped all of the yucky dark color off, applied a light golden brown / dark blonde tone all over and then heavily highlighted for an extra pop of brightness. I also got a cute little haircut with long layers and long side-swept bangs. LOVE it! I am so happy to finally have a new look and am looking forward to kissing that nasty "box haircolor" goodbye! I have no pics yet of the new do *yet*, but rest assured, I will post some once I do. :)

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