Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When it Rains it Pours...

I'm keeping my chin up, but today has not been a great day. Actually, this week in general hasn't been all too great. We currently have no air conditioning and I am on the verge of tears because I am so sick of things going wrong. One of our units was already out, but apparently the other unit decided to go out yesterday and now with are without any air and it is a bit warm and humid up in this house! David stopped by Costco last night and bought some additional fans to help us out until the A/C repair company comes to do a service call tomorrow to see what needs to be fixed, so it's not totally miserable but I sure do miss having some cold A/C blowin'!

Then I got home today, already dreading the thought of spending the evening in a hot house and home alone since David is working tonight, and David told me that Hudson accidentally broke his i-Pod today. Argh! He's only had the thing for like a couple of months and now he will have to buy a new one. It's one thing when something that is *essential* gets broken, that's frustrating enough, but when something that would be considered somewhat of a *luxury* item (not that an i-Pod is frivolous or anything, but it is obviously a non-essential item in life) anyways, when something like that gets broken it's just disappointing especially since David waited FOREVER to buy himself one. Oh well, life happens and it obviously was a mistake, but it still makes for a frustrating day.

While I am at it...venting that is...David also JUST bought all new tires for his truck within the past month as well and has already gotten a nail in one of them. :( It's so frustrating because tires are not cheap and he again, waited forever to finally replace all four and already one of them will likely need to be replaced again soon. I feel so bad for my hubby! He's taken all of it really well too, he probably even acts a less bit frustrated about all of these things than I do which is a bit odd actually.

I know in the scheme of things these things are so minute and totally nothing to get upset or stressed about, but it seems like when it rains it pours and it just knocks the wind out of you! I know that at times like this we should just count our blessings and let it be as we have so many things to be thankful for and I truly do count my blessings everyday, but sometimes I just wish the bad things would come in smaller, more spaced out doses, it would obviously be nicer and much more manageable that way, but I guess life would be a lot less interesting too, huh????

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Amanda Hopper said...

awww....i know the frustrations! hope the raining stops soon!