Friday, April 18, 2008

"Skeery" Weather!!

We had some "skeery" weather last night and endured heavy winds, rain and a nice little hailstorm to top it all off! I was out at a wedding show for work for most of the evening, so David was home alone with Hudson, but luckily David called me to check on me and to tell me about the storms when I was actually on my way leaving the show and I was able to boogie home in enough time before the sky fell out and all heck broke loose! It rained very, very heavily for quite some time after I got home and within a few minutes after the storm hit, it began to hail quite heavily as well. It seems that the hail was about a quarter inch or so in diameter, so it wasn't exactly tiny or anything, but at least we didn't get any of that golfball or baseball sized hail that is known to happen in our oh so crazy Texas weather. In any case, no sirens sounded, the storm passed and it seems as if we made it through without any severe damage or anything. Thank goodness!

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