Monday, April 21, 2008

Shelby's Birthday

My sister, Debbie, had a small family get together this past Saturday to celebrate my niece, Shelby's, birthday and although I had a very busy day we were able to make it for a short bit towards the end of the party. Shelby isn't present in any of these pictures because she thought she was too cool I guess and ran off to hang out with one of her buddies from school. In any case, we had fun and enjoyed the short time that we got to hang out and see everyone. Of course, Hudson kept everyone thoroughly entertained as usual. :)

Hudson pretending to talk to someone(??) on Cassidy's (one of my other nieces) cell phone.

Hudson playing with Cason.

My sister Karen lovin' on my little man. Please excuse the scary face in the second picture....she thought that she would *try* to be funny....just kidding Karen!!!

Hudson acting silly and Cassidy taunting him with her cell phone. He LOVES phones and anything electronic so she definitely had his attention!!!

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