Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some "Me" Time

I have been so crazy busy these days with everything in my life in general that I haven't had much time to slow down, relax and have some me time to recharge and revitalize my mind, body and soul. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, stressed and generally irritable is not my thing so I decided today that I would skip out on my own and take some time away for a breather. I elected to get some basic pampering and got a much needed manicure and pedicure and feel so much better now that my fingers and piggies are all polished and pretty! It also gave me some time to relax and tune everything else out which I so desperately needed! After I had my nails done, I decided to walk over to Marshall's and do a little shopping therapy as well and picked up a fabulous pair of black high-heeled sandals that were an awesome steal and are actually super comfy, much to my surprise. I cannot wait to show off my cute tootsies in my new shoes later this week! I feel so much better now and think that moving forward I need to try to make a greater effort at remembering to take that me time and treat myself more often!

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