Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Little Busybody!

I tell you, Hudson is all over these days as you can tell by these pictures all taken in a matter of minutes a couple of nights ago. Playing with his cars, climbing on the coffee table (yippee!), sitting in his FP Learning Chair and loving on his favorite big brother, Bailey....he just goes, goes, goes....until he realizes he is tired and ready to go to bed. He was out like a light within 30 minutes or so afterwards and slept the entire night without waking up! He must have been worn out from all of the fun at Grandma's and making her read Dr. Seuss' "I Am Not Going to Get Out of Bed Today" at least 2 dozen times according to her. I told her just to hide it from him or tell him it's time for him to read it to Grandma instead. :)

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