Monday, April 14, 2008

One of Hudson's Favorite Things

Hudson has become very infatuated and almost obsessed actually with brushing his teeth! It is quite amusing because every time we go in the bathroom he points at his toothbrush and does his whole "Uh, uh, uh" thing...basically meaning "Mommy, I want that!!" It's the oddest thing, but I definitely won't complain! I think he has just gotten to the point that he wants to be more and more independent and do more things on his own, which is wonderful, but is definitely an adjustment when you are used to doing everything for him. I have absolutely no problem with my little man brushing his pearly whites as often as he wants since it is such a vital and important habit to instill in a child. I'm hoping that if he's this into it right now then hopefully it will establish some ground work for continuing these types of good habits in the in the world did I get so lucky to have a child that LOVES baths and brushing his teeth of all things, ha!

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