Saturday, April 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home

David and I always enjoy a day of good-ole house hunting and decided that we would do a bit of browsing the nearby new builds this afternoon. Nearby as in further south and not in Desoto, but still not too far away from our roots. We made it a fairly short trip so as not to keep Hudson out and about all day because he becomes quite cranky and irritable if he has to be in the car for too long or if we take him in and out of the car for a lengthy amount of time. In any case, we did find some new development and although we only actually got to look at a handful of houses on the inside, we did find a couple that we really liked. One in particular I LOVED and David was quite fond of as well so that was definitely a good thing and gives me hope for whenever we finally are able to get the heck out of dodge and move to our next home. If only our current casa was market-ready we could be much closer to our goal, but it's a work in progress and a big one at that so I know that I can't complain too much, ha! I am glad that the weather is getting nicer to where we will be able to go house hunting a little bit more often and keep up with what is going on in the areas that we are interested in moving to as we hadn't really looked in so long we were kind of lost today!! I just hope that on our next trip there are more houses actually open to look at. Walking to the door of one house after another that has a open sign in the yard and then the door is locked is not much fun at all. :)

Looking for a new "Home Sweet Home."

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