Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Baby Got Back"

That's all I have to say....these pictures speak louder than words, haha!

Yes, that would be some plumber's crack!

And yes, his feet are black...this child has shoes, I promise! He had been playing barefoot on the patio and in the yard so his feet were freaking filthy, yuck!

Apparently, he is trying to figure out how much junk he has in his trunk!

Modeling as usual.

This would be BEFORE he decide to do a strip show. :)


April said...

LOL the junk in the trunk photo/comment made me crack up!!! cute photos! typical guy, right? ;-P

House of Brodt said...

Yep! He was with his daddy in the other room when he started this "low ridin" trend, but I heard the hysterical laughing and commentary so I KNOW that David was just egging him on too!!! I couldn't resist photographing it! ;P