Sunday, March 23, 2008

Look Hudson...what did the Easter bunny bring you???

It's getting late and I have a ton of Easter pic's to share, but I thought for now I would just share a few of Hudson opening his presents from the "Easter Bunny" so that I can go ahead and retire for the evening soon. I will share more over the next day or two. Again, I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed the semi-nice weather that we had for the most of the day.

Hudson with his bubble blowing lawnmower that the Easter Bunny brought for him. Also, his Easter basket filled with some goodies too! (bring on the Peeps and chocolate bunnies!!)

Miniature Easter themed John Deere trucks!

Yes....that would be Hot Wheels Monster Trucks in his Easter Basket....the Easter bunny sure has changed these days, ha!

Hudson says...."Keep yo' hands off of my Peeps!!" He hasn't actually eaten one yet, but I have a feeling that it is going to be interesting when he does!

Asking daddy to open his monster trucks. :)

He's crying in the first picture because mean, bad mommy made him put down his toys and was *trying* to get some pictures taken with him since he looked so darn cute, but that didn't quite work out!

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April said...

too cute! Hudson looks like he enjoyed all his easter gifts ! Mason LOVES hot wheels too, actually any kind of car. Sad to say, from here on out, the toy cars will only get bigger!