Saturday, March 15, 2008

No haircut for me!

I was super excited that I had finally been able to coordinate a time to visit the salon and get my hair "did", but my excitement was unexpectedly brought to a sudden halt this morning when I received a call about my appointment. Unfortunately, Bebe (the poor receptionist or MOD, I'm not really sure what position she held) had to call me about an hour before my highly anticipated appointment and tell me that my stylist had called in sick for the day! I was incredibly disappointed, but held my composure as I waited for her to tell me what time I could come in later today...well, she proceeded to tell me that she unfortunately did not have any other openings and would not be able to accommodate my haircut appointment at all today! :( I was pretty bummed out at the time, but declined to reschedule because I don't really know what I have going on next weekend and figured it would be better to call back at a later time to reschedule once I know what my schedule is going to be like. In any case, no haircut for me! Bebe got off lucky because I could have been a wretched wench like so many customers I used to have to deal with, but I have experienced the wrath too many times from insensitive women that think that their haircuts are more important than some one's health and decided to be nice and understanding instead. :) I am sure that Bebe was very grateful too!!!

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