Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sunday family fun!

So......after a busy day of shopping and running errands on Saturday, we basically had a fun and lazy day this past Sunday and besides doing a few household chores, we didn't do much. It was nice to relax and just spend time together and enjoy the nice weather as well. Marcia (otherwise lovingly known as Nana) came over later in the day and hung out with David, Hudson and myself. We had a lot of fun just sitting around chatting, watching some tv and playing with Hudson. Then David cooked up some awesome brats and sauerkraut served up over sourdough rolls. It was a yummy treat for the end of our weekend!

My sweet little boy is growing up. :( He turned 18 months old on Monday, I can't even believe it!

David decided to put his head on a platter, ha! He did it to be funny, but then said that the heat actually burned his ear!!

Hudson and his Nana

Another pic of Hudson and Marcia....

The yummy beer brats and kraut served openfaced on sourdough buns, yum! :) The only thing that would have made these much better is if they were grilled, but our grill is going "kapoot" plus we were out of propane and we haven't been able to find the perfect replacement grill as of yet. We grill ALL of the time in the spring and summer months when the weather is!


April said...

my hubby would be in HEAVEN at your house with David's cooking! LOL I'm not so much a kraut fan! ;-P

claudia said...

Okay, first of all, you had a German favorite, bratwurst. You would love it out here! And then I love that you used "kapoot". It's a word I hear and use often now. Not until I moved here did I realize kaputt is German for broken. It's one of those words that we have adopted into English that is fun to say, but don't really think twice about where it comes from. You may find the following interesting: The next bratwurst I have, I will think of you (lol)! I'll talk to you soon! Auf Wiedersehen!!!