Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mover and shaker....

Hudson is such a busy-body and is always ALL over the place these days. I swear this child has SO much energy it is almost a bit out of control at times, but it definitely keeps things interesting and fun too! So I will try not to complain about it too much!
I think he gets his high-energy level from me and probably his loud mouth too!
Here he is shaking his groove thing while STANDING on our coffee table. YIKES!

Another dancing pic and I guess he got bored or didn't like the music
because he was channel surfing in no time!

Channel surfing??? No, he just LOVES remote controls or anything
electronic really. He loves phones, remotes, radios, etc.
I'm thinking that he is going to be a big "techie" just like his daddy! :)

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April said...

LOL at Hudson shakin' his groove thang on the table! thats too funny!