Monday, March 24, 2008

Time for a cat nap....

Lunchtime for Hudson......apparently, eating is a LOT of hard work!

Hudson having his leftover cheese quesadillas for lunch the other day. I know, exciting, huh?!?! It gets better, I promise. ;)
Bailey wants Hudson to share as always!
I gave him a little mohawk the other day, but it's kind of hard to tell from the pics.
Apparently, he must have needed a nap, lol! He literally feel asleep in the middle of his lunch and what is even funnier is I was sitting right across from him talking to him as his eyes just got heavier and heavier! I never thought he was actually going to lay his head down and go to sleep!!!
Closeup of the sleepy head.
Bailey is in heaven now....he totally thinks he is going to snag the rest of Hudson's lunch, ha! Oh....never a dull moment at our house. ;P

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April said...

LOL that is so funny! I can't believe he fell right asleep! Mason enjoys playing with his food too much unfortunately! Bailey must be thinking- score!