Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sunny Saturday fun!

Today was a BUSY day including the first lawn mowing of the season (lol! - I decided NOT to include any pictures of that), lots of house chores and giving Sir Bailey a bath, but we also managed to spend a little time in the sun to relax and have just a wee bit of fun too!

Hudson holding the camera lens and being his silly self!

Bailey's MUCH needed bath!

He does NOT like to get baths at all!

Hudson riding in his red wagon in the back yard.

Daddy and Hudson....yes, you might have noticed that both of my boys have quite the shaggy hair going on in these pic's. They need haircuts pretty darn bad, but I am their stylist and was booked solid with other committments this weekend, ha! I promised them I would cut their locks next weekend. Those fros are getting a little out of hand! I guess it doesn't help that they had both just been taking a nap!

Not sure what Hudson has his eye on here!

Hudson watching the mini-soccer ball that David is tossing in the air for entertainment...I know we know how to have some real fun, heh?!?! j/k ;)

David and Hudson playing with the soccer ball. It only ended up in the alley way one time...I guess that's not too bad!

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