Saturday, March 15, 2008

Searching for the perfect color....

With the arrival of spring, David and I are both determined to get back to work on the lengthy to-do list that we currently have going filled with updates and upgrades for the Brodt casa. One of the less complicated projects on our list is completing all of the painting throughout the house. Although this should be a fairly simple task (we are actually considered contracting most of the work out), it is a VERY important one because we must accomplish this before we can move forward with one of our biggest and most anticipated projects which is replacing our carpet. With this in mind, we must make any paint changes now before getting all of the trim, doors and crown moulding finished out in order to finally get rid of the nasty, dingy carpet that we both desperately despise. Most of the house is painted how we want it now, but we would like to give a fresh new look to our master bathroom and are fervently searching for the perfect shade of green for our bathroom. The walls are currently the same color as most of the walls in the house, Navajo White, but we would like to paint the walls a pretty green tone and accent with white trim and taupe and espresso brown toned accessories. As of now, we haven't been able to find or rather decide on what that perfect green tone actually is though and that is our current quandry. I'm really leaning towards more of a sage, celadon or celery green tone, but also am quite attracted to many of the more chartreuse or olive toned greens as well. Here are a few pictures of different rooms donned with varying shades of green that I have been using for inspiration.
This first pic is of the BM color Brookeside Moss that I absolutely love, but it tends to look a bit too olive in many pictures. Even still, it is definitely still a color that I have on the potential list of paint choices. The second pic is of Stem Green which is also by BM. I also love this subtle shade of green, but am a bit concerned that it might be too light and also might look a little institutional.

LOVE both of these colors, but I am especially drawn to the green in the second picture, but yet again, it is a bit more olive than what we had orignally been looking for.

I like both of these colors as well.....especially with the crisp, stark white tones as complementary accent shades.

Now these are very different than the rest, but I still like both of them very much. I really love the color in the first picture, but it seems a bit more neutral and brown toned than what I have envisioned for our bathroom. The second color seems a bit too sage-y or like it has too much blue or grey as an undertone, but nonetheless it is still very pretty.

I would never put wallpaper in my bathroom or my house in general, but I was truly digging the chartreuse green damask printed wallpaper when I saw this picture and had to include it just for fun! :)

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