Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fast as fast can be....

Fast as fast can'll never catch me! That's what Hudson was saying tonight as he taunted Bailey around the house carrying nothing more than one single piece of pasta!!! Hudson has figured out that Bailey loves to eat everyone else's food...well, he has also figured out that Bailey will chase him if he runs around with a piece of the said food in his hand! It was completely hilarious and Hudson totally knew what he was doing. He loves the attention and relates it to a game of sorts I guess. I didn't get any great shots because things were winding down by the time I finally decided to grab the camera, but I did manage to catch of few shots of Hudson torturing our beloved family pet, ha!
See the sneaky sneer on Hudson's cute little mug!

The pasta in question...

Catch me if you can!!!

Wait...why is Hudson chasing Bailey??
Oh, he was nice and finally gave the poor dog the measly piece of penne.

Ha! Ha! What a silly little goofball!
This is just another reason why I love him so much!

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April said...

I love the look on his face in the last picture! He looks so guilty for having fun! lol sneaky sneaky!