Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Think skinny.....

I am beyond excited because I stepped on the dreaded scale this morning and I have lost another 5+ lbs!!! I am now only 10 pounds away from my post wedding weight and just a couple of pounds shy of my pre-baby weight! My body is still whacked out since I am just now fitting into one size larger pants/jeans then I did when I got pregnant, but at least I have dropped the majority of the weight! Now I just need to keep thinking skinny, do a little extra activity to get more toned and I should be exactly about where I want and need to be in no time! I am super pumped! All of this with very little to no exercise and absolutely no dieting, although trying to keep up with an enormously active 18 month old is probably is a pretty active enough routine and can probably be at least acknowledged as a contributing factor to my wonderful weight loss. Bring on the cute spring and summer clothes!!!

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