Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So, it has recently come to my attention through television reports and some recent newspaper articles that Desoto has the highest foreclosure rate in the metroplex! I kind of figured, but am super irritated and disgusted about this at the same time. I have decided that I am going to start researching more about what is exactly happening in our city so that I can understand more about how so many people have gotten themselves into such a poor situation in our area specifically. In any case, it totally annoys me to no end that we will likely still have a difficult time selling our house when it comes time for us to be ready to put it on the market. I was speaking with my parents about it today and they said not to worry and that things will turn around and I am going to try to take their advice to heart, but I just hope that things do get better rather than worse! I have officially decided that I am going to lovingly refer to my neighborhood now as Desoto - LOTF, other wise known as "Land of the Foreclosure". I thought putting a little comical spin on it might help! ;) It has often times worked wonders for me in the past!

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