Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monkey Business

Check out these adorable monkey placemats that we picked up while doing our weekly shopping trip at Target. You know, Target, the place where no human soul can enter without walking out with a cart full of treasures!! I swear it's like crack or something and seems to get more addictive everytime I enter this fabulous cannot go in for just one thing and you ALWAYS walk out spending at least a hundred dollars or much, much more. In any case, we were strolling through the store when I spotted these precious monkey placemats in the kitchen section and as I saw them I thought "Who the hell puts monkey placemats on their table!" and then I immediately had another stroke of genius for an incredibly fun and cute way to use them instead. So, I flagged down David who was several aisles ahead of me with the basket (he always ends up ahead because I have to stop and look at EVERYTHING!) and had him come back to see the monkeys. I proceeded to tell him how I thought the monkeys would be perfect to create wall-hangings for over the crib in Hudson's bedroom. David loved the idea too and so in the basket the monkey placemats did go! Here is a picture of the monkey placemat that I actually doctored up in Photoshop, but the placemat actually just consists of the center monkey head image in a microfiber type material. We plan on attaching them to a plywood backing, adding a hanging mechanism and then hanging a grouping of them over Hudson's crib. I think it will be supa' cute and will definitely look great with the other decor in his room. I will, of course, post pictures of the finished product later.

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