Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008

We had an absolutely amazing Easter and had a lot of fun just hanging out and enjoying the holiday at my mom and dad's house. Most of my immediate family was there (although, most of them are apparently camera shy or were just hiding from me and are not in these pictures!!) and Marcia came along as well to see Hudson go on his first "real" Easter egg hunt. I will apologize in advance for the horde of pictures as I am a self-proclaimed "picture addict" of sorts and seriously took over 150 pictures on Easter, ha! I, of course did not post all of them here, but I certainly couldn't pick just a few!! That's one of the main reasons I started our family blog anyways.....after always hearing requests from all of the fam and friends to see pictures of Hudson, etc. I decided that a blog would be a great way to share those pictures, but also document our daily adventures. (or daily doses of boredom depending on the day....) So without further delay....here are the pics! (almost a "collage" of sorts actually)

David playing with our little monkey!
Hudson looking like a cutie as always! :)

My brother noshing on one of the delicious desserts.

Some of the fam hanging out in the living room.

One of my nephews - Matt - he's hiding the eggs and I took the picture from inside the house.
My mom - looks like she is in deep thought or something!
One of my niece's - Cassidy

Hudson cheating and looking out the window as they hide the eggs.
I guess Hudson decided that he needed THREE Easter baskets, lol!
He completely did this on his own by the way....

Hudson finding the first egg of the day!
David and Marcia trying to give Hudson "pointers."
My mom and David rooting him on!!

He was on a serious mission for some eggs, I tell ya!
My brother being his "wing-man."

Eggs around the HUGE tree, one of them anyways, in my parents front yard.
Hudson was becoming a pro at this egg hunting business...

Marcia helping him find even more eggs!
Across the yard they go....

David, Hudson and my niece - Shelby.
A lovely picture of me blowing dandelion seeds....Hudson was somewhat infatuated with these.

Me and my sweetie!
Hudson was searching "high and low" for more eggs....

Full basket...SCORE!!!
Hudson having a break and taking a stroll in the yard!
It was a great Easter!

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