Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shopping spree!!!

Today was a fun-filled day of shopping and running our weekly errands. I hit the jackpot at Kohl's and found a TON of super cute lightweight sweaters and blouses for 60 - 80% off. I also scored two new pairs of jeans which was the whole reason why I went to Kohl's in the first place, lol! Anyways, they have a ton of clothing on clearance right now and I ended up saving well over $ 400.00 off of what I would have paid if I had bought everything at full retail price. The only thing I am bummed about now is the fact is that I just found out that there was a 30% discount coupon that had been in Kohl's weekly ad and it was valid for 30% off of your entire purchase which would have reduced my already awesome deal another $ 75.00 or so! Oh well, it was still a great deal and I got a lot of supa' cute things! We also spoiled Hudson with a bunch of fun toys from our trip to Target! We finally found the "Hudson Hornet" shake and go car (from the movie Cars) for him that we have been looking for since November as well as several other cars and tractors, etc. We also couldn't pass up a bubble blowing lawn mower!!! We haven't let him take it out for a spin *yet*, but maybe tomorrow since the weather is supposed to still be nice!

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